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MAY 9. EASTER. Wk 6. Sun. Jn. 17. 11-19

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Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and said:

‘Holy Father,

keep those you have given me true to your name,

so that they may be one like us.

While I was with them,

I kept those you had given me true to your name.

I have watched over them

and not one is lost

except the one who chose to be lost,

and this was to fulfil the scriptures.

But now I am coming to you

and while still in the world I say these things

to share my joy with them to the full.

I passed your word on to them,

and the world hated them,

because they belong to the world

no more than I belong to the world.

I am not asking you to remove them from the world,

but to protect them from the evil one.

They do not belong to the world

any more than I belong to the world.

Consecrate them in the truth;

your word is truth.

As you sent me into the world,

I have sent them into the world,

and for their sake I consecrate myself

so that they too may be consecrated in truth.’

Once again, we find Jesus very conscious of the fact he is about to leave his people and his Church by themselves and return to the Father. Yesterday he warned of the dangers brought about by the values of the world, and today he prays for his Church, that it may be faithful to his teachings, and that the world may not overcome it.

We must never forget Jesus Christ continues to pray for his Church, and this should give us great confidence it will not be overcome; - despite the continued pressure from the world to turn our backs on Christ’s teachings; - “Holy Father, keep those you have given me true to your name, so that they may be one like us.”

Christians are called to reject the values of the world in which we live;- not because we hate the world (one of our God given duties is to pray for it!); - but rather, because its values and beliefs are contrary to the teachings of Christ!

In a nutshell, the values of the world are on the satisfaction of our desires and wishes, while the values of Christ are built on obedience to the Will, and the teachings of God, made known to us through the teachings of Christ.

The world sees no value at all in enduring suffering; - while Christ taughtsuffering has great value; - providing us an opportunity to make reparation for our pride, selfishness and sins!

Gospel Acclamation John 14:23

Alleluia, alleluia!

All who love me will keep my words,

and my Father will love them and we will come to them.


First reading Acts 10:25-26,34-35,44-48

The pagans have received the Holy Spirit just as much as we have

As Peter reached the house Cornelius went out to meet him, knelt at his feet and prostrated himself. But Peter helped him up. ‘Stand up,’ he said ‘I am only a man after all!’

Then Peter addressed them: ‘The truth I have now come to realise’ he said ‘is that God does not have favourites, but that anybody of any nationality who fears God and does what is right is acceptable to him.’

While Peter was still speaking the Holy Spirit came down on all the listeners. Jewish believers who had accompanied Peter were all astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit should be poured out on the pagans too, since they could hear them speaking strange languages and proclaiming the greatness of God. Peter himself then said, ‘Could anyone refuse the water of baptism to these people, now they have received the Holy Spirit just as much as we have?’ He then gave orders for them to be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. Afterwards they begged him to stay on for some days.

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