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Filled with awe and great joy the women came quickly away from the tomb and ran to tell the disciples.

And there, coming to meet them, was Jesus. ‘Greetings’ he said. And the women came up to him and, falling down before him, clasped his feet. Then Jesus said to them, ‘Do not be afraid; go and tell my brothers that they must leave for Galilee; they will see me there.’

While they were on their way, some of the guard went off into the city to tell the chief priests all that had happened. These held a meeting with the elders and, after some discussion, handed a considerable sum of money to the soldiers with these instructions, ‘This is what you must say, “His disciples came during the night and stole him away while we were asleep.” And should the governor come to hear of this, we undertake to put things right with him ourselves and to see that you do not get into trouble.’ The soldiers took the money and carried out their instructions, and to this day that is the story among the Jews.

Monday after the resurrection was a day of “awe and great joy” after the sorrow and depression of Good Friday and Holy Saturday, when the enemies of Jesus had appeared to have defeated him, via his crucifixion, death and burial!

But something often overlooked is that this is a wrong view of Christ’s Passion and death; - because he had told his disciples, in advance, that he would have to endure this suffering!

This is very significant in that it demonstrates that at no point were the scribes and Pharisees “the ones in control”; - but rather this role was firmly in the hands of God’s divine Wisdom!

Christ’s suffering and death were required in order to make reparation for our sins, and the sins of the world; - so the apparent “tragedy” of recent days; - rather than a tragedy, was actually a sign of God’s wisdom, power, and love!

Due to man’s actions and sin, suffering and sacrifice had become necessary; - as reparation had now become necessary; - and we need to appreciate this truth because, as Christians, we are called to embrace suffering and self-denial; - in imitation of Christ’s sacrifice!

It is very easy, and a common mistake, to view Christ’s Passion and Death as a disaster; - just as it is to view our own sufferings and trials in the same way; - but this is a serious error for Christians; - as Christ did not see his Passion and Death as a disaster; - quite the opposite!

Christ saw his Passion and Death as a sign of his Love for his Father, and for his people, and we need to ponder this truth; - as what it means is our sufferings and trials are able to be seen in the same light; - if embraced with a generous and loving heart; - as they then become signs of our love of God and his Church!

And this is what Christ’s Resurrection bears witness to; - suffering and self-denial; - accepted and embraced in the right spirit; - of reparation; - rather than being a “disaster”; - becomes something of great value; - that can be offered to God as a sign of our grateful love!

This is what makes the Resurrection such a joyful event; - it shows God defeated his enemies via humility, obedience and self-sacrifice; - virtues we are called on to imitate and offer in union with Christ’s sacrifice; - as Acts of Love and Reparation! It also bears witness to the truth sin and evil were defeated by Christ's Passion, Death and Resurrection!

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